Today I bought an EHX Germanium big muff pi, and when I turn the bias knob down (anticlockwise) it creates alot of static. I was wondering if this is a common thing, or if I just got a duff one? Thanks.
well, it carries on after I stop turning the knob, if that's what you mean. it's constant until about 2 o'clock or higher.
Ok, I've emailed them, and i'l ring the shop where I bought it tomorrow. (well, I say I bought it, it was a present for my exam results.) I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem?
I think i read somewhere that that is quite common on fuzzes, as the bias is something to do with the amount of signal going to the trannies, so when turned it can make a static sound (i could be speaking out my arse, i'm no electrician haha)

Maybe email EHX and ask before you go swap it for another which may potentially do the same! Or atleast test out another if the store is near by