Hey! I've always really only written metal with guitar pro before, and I thought I would try my hand at a more classical style piece. There is definitely metal influence in it (especially the end) but it turned out really well. The biggest inspiration for this piece was the newest Human Abstract album. Crits please?

I will definitely C4C! Leave your links!
It sounds pretty neat. I really like how it kicks into the electric guitar like that.
Critting as I listen.

The acoustic intro is really quite nice, it sets the mood, and the melody is very pleasant with how it harmonizes appropriately with the rhythm. It sounds free... like a bird or something. Very lovely when it reaches the higher part and I enjoyed the chord progression in the part after. Kind of dementing, I like it. Then \m/
Enough guitars? But nevertheless, they groove together quite strongly with the epic drum part. I really enjoy this! The ending was a little abrupt, but it's a short song, there's a lot to expand on!


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I definitely like the progression. The song as a whole, reminds me a lot of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28xQmzJpLjg (which you should be wary of).

If this were on an album, it'd make a great interlude.

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