hi, can someone give me some advice on controlling feedback? once in a while i manage to get this small amount of feedback that keeps the note i've hit going and going endlessly while the sound changes in a very subtle way. it's hard to explain, did that make sense to anyone?

anyways it sounds beautiful but i want to be able to get this feedback when i want it and not at some random moments. i've been dancing around my amp like an idiot but it's either no feedback or way to much. some help would be appreciated
you want to see what your settings are, where you are standing and at what angle the next time you get the feedback you are talking about, then work on recreating it. Really, if you can get it to feedback at all, then you can do a lot of manipulation just based on the relative angle of your guitar vs. your amp.
Okay, I'm gonna sound like a bit of a hippy freak here, but roll with me here..

Controlling feedback is about tuning into the moment. Free your mind. The slightest body movement and guitar movement in relation to your amp, the room, the "vibe" as it were all play into really mastering feedback. Volume is of course essential. A clean tone with enough volume will give you controllable, beautiful feedback.
So yeah, what I advise is turning your amp up really, really loud and then experimenting with standing 3-5 feet away and moving yourself and your guitar in various ways. Shake your guitar, pull on the neck, bend notes gently (say you're fretting a diminished chord.. bend the root note gently and pay attention to the oscillations..)
Feedback and droning is a sort of dance if done properly. You have to feel the vibrations in your very soul and then run with it! If i may quote funkadelic "free your mind, and your ass will follow"
A very expensive way would be to get a sustainer like the fernandes sustainer
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If i may quote funkadelic "free your mind, and your ass will follow"

haha that cracked me up

thanks for the advice i'll try all these things tomorrow and let you know how it worked out

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A very expensive way would be to get a sustainer like the fernandes sustainer

that looks great. i think i'll try that out in the future, those kits look like a fun thing to experiment with while massively baked. for now i will have to do with my current gear.

but i got some really useful information now, i bet i can get that thing howling in no time
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Dude, all I got is my amp and my guitar and I can evoke drones that wake the dead. You don't need sustainers or ebows. Since you're a toker, smoke a bowl and dance with you guitar.
Treat that shit like a RITUAL
I've never had feedback, I have a loud amp and a cheap as butt guitar. My friend's $600 Dean and $200 amp have this problem, but my $150 set up doesn't... *shrug* Try turning down you're gain????
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what Dream Pin said worked. best feedback teacher ever!

i cant get it every time i try yet but practice makes perfect i guess
thanks for the replies
well im not really sure what you mean by "the sound changes in a subtle way" that could literally mean anything.

as for controlling feedback, you cant really control it. you can manipulate it though, but its always going to be different. the more you do it though the better and faster you will be able to listen to whats happening and adjust for it.

to get feedback you basically need volume and the right position in front of the amp. if you think the feedback is getting to loud, use your volume knob to level it out.