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I've searched high and low in vain to get an answer to this, but does anyone know what the maximum Current Draw of a MXR 10 band eq is?

The reason I ask is because I want to use it with my new Voodoo Labs 2+ thingee. There are only 2 high current outputs and one of these is being used for my DD-20. I have a voltage doubler cable but I'm going to have to link it over 2 of the low current outputs which are rated at 100mA each, so want to know if the MXR will potentially draw any more than that.

If my electronics theory is correct, then linking a low current output with a high current output won't help at all and will potentially damage the low current one. And 2x 100mA outputs in series will still only provide a maximum of 100mA.

All I know is it takes 18V, don't know if that helps at all.
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The M-108 takes 18v and the adapter supplies 150ma. It might draw a bit less than that, though.
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26mA @ 18v are about what I would expect from an analog pedal that size.
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Thanks for all answers. Yes it looks accurate for sure. I did not bother to dbl check w MXR (just FYI).
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