nice man i like it alot sounds great ive been working on my own original solo stuff really similar to this i always like to hear peoples originals and this one is one of the better ones ihave heard lately thanks for letting us hear it keep jamming and stay with the style cuz ur good with it
Thanks man. I have other stuff as well and other stuff on the way. Appreciate the words dude!
The Tone Testing thread is a very lonely place without you Kyle.

Sounds killer dude, very nice growling rhythm tone, the Baron never fails to impress. The leads sound great as well, very cut, and punchy, never thin. I do gotta say some of parts of the song don't quite fit for me, but I'm just guessing it's the style.

I do think you could of mixed it a little louder for the genera, like, the overall mix, but that's just me being lazy and not wanting to turn up my headphones.

Sounds beast dude, keep it up.

We misses you Kyle!
I would have mixed it louder but the master was peaking pretty bad and I'm not sure how to fix that. A lot was going on in this mix so it was probably a mixture of that. Thanks for the comment man, I have a lot more stuff ready to be recorded. If only someone could sing.