This song is just missing vocals. That's why the piano goes for a bit before the band kicks in. Music is simple, but I wanted it to be a vocal showcase kinda thing. Just haven't found the right vocalist to work with yet.


Should be the 2nd track down (Titled, "Untold").

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Hey, this is good, I like it so far. The piano keeps a simple but nice rhythm and the electric guitar comes in well without overpowering the track (which as you say, is intended to have vocals). Going back to finish on the piano is sweet too, that's the sort of thing I do (an Evanescence influence of mine).

Though I think the middle bit kinda went on for a bit too long (then again I'm sure it'd be more interesting with vocals).

I'll be keen to hear how this turns out.
nice to hear some stuff that isnt some type of metalcore genre

piano sounds great and is simple but works really well. it really does lend itself to some awesome vocals.
as i listen further i really like the electric guitar, it isn't too loud in the mix which is a rare but good thing
it does get pretty repetitive and doesn't seem to have a clear-cut chorus, which i know not all people like, but its something i think is important to the song.
this song doesn't seem to have much structure, it kind of feels like it just repeats itself over and over again. right now i feel like you can attribute that to having no vocals, but any singer you have is going to have trouble keeping it fresh.

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