Hey guys.. Ive been trying to get better guitar gear for a bit now
but its kinda hard because of lack of money...

I currently have a 10 watt rogue amp. My buddy has a Peavey studio pro 40 amp for 50 dollars, and says that thing can put out 40 watts ( tho it says 150 on the back ). Ive also been needing a new guitar because the one i got right now doesnt even have a brand on the head stock... and it might be chinese.. what should i do? This amp seems like a decent deal, but i also need to save up for a new guitar. I would appreciate input . Thanks!
When it comes to gear you should always go with an amp before a guitar as the amp is responsible for the majority of your tone. A nice amp will still sound good with a crappy guitar, but no guitar can make a crappy amp sound good.