In the market for a new bass! currently i own a hohner B2B and am looking to expand my arsenal for something to fill in the tone and what not. Heres what i had in mind


questions? Comments? Rants? my second choice is an Ibanez SR 300

please no Jazz/Precision bass although i'd like to find one with a J bass like neck
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I played one of those for a while and it was a pretty good bass. There's the inevitable neck dive, but with a good strap it won't be too troublesome. I was always sorry they discontinued the five-string version of that bass.
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Haven't found one to try out myself yet but I've been looking at Mockingbirds for a while. When I asked about them on here something like 3/4 replies were from people that liked them.
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Mockingbird's are decent, as was said above, they dive a bit, but if you;re game, just move the button or get a more "frictional" strap for it. I'd go the one without the racing stripe thing, the plain flamed maple is too good to pass up, so classy.