Hey all, i recently got my squier custom 2 tele (with fender neck) and i was just wondering how difficult it would be to replace the bridge with say a standard stratocaster bridge. I've searched online about replacing bridges, but most of them just seem to be for acoustics and such. Any help would be appreciated.
If its one of these then it would be very easy to tremolo it.........you just need to rout for block and springs...done. chances are you will rout right into the humbucker routing (which isn't really that big a deal) so you will need to be careful

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basically, look at any guitar with a trem (excluding floyds obviously). The big whole for the block? yea, you need that. And the same with the spring cavity. I'm not a strat guy, so I'm not positive about how some of them work but depending on the bridge you pick you'll need to drill holes for the posts that the edges rest on to give you the trem affect. I mightve made that seem way over complicated. lol. But its completely doable if you're comfortable with a router and your guitar. Good luck.
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the above stuff is correct.

first thing you will want to do is remove the block from the new trem, and a few of the saddles as well.

then put the trem (whats left of it) in place and use the holes that are already there to screw it down if you can. if not, fill and redrill, but you NEED the saddles to end up in the same location they were on the old bridge, so your new screws will probably be in about the exact same spot as the old ones.

once youve got the screws in the right spot and the new bridge (minus saddles and block) lightly screwed in place, take a pencil and make marks on the guitar through the holes of the screws that will hold the trem block on. you should have 3 circles marked out.

now remove the bridge and grab the trem block, and use the marks to line it up where it will be, and trace around it. then route it out. starting at about 1/4" depth, then working deeper and deeper and all the way through the guitar if you can.

the goal is not to route outside of the area you traced because too far off will be seen with the bridge installed. in the end, you WILL want to route a litttttle bit further backwards in the direction of the rear strap pin, so the trem has room to move.

thats a good start for you. and if you can go through the guitar all the way, then you will have a starting point for the rear spring/claw cavity. find a template on google images and print it out and trace it in place, then route it to the correct depth.

that should be a decent start!

one not, when routing the wider part of the rear cavity, around the area you already routed, dont go all the way through to the front! leave about 1/4" on the front.

look for pictures on google images of all this stuff routed, so you can see what you should end up with.
you'd have more luck replacing a the bridge with a tune-o-matic and getting yourself a bigsby tailpiece.
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^ I guess i could, but for some reason i prefer having a strat style tremelo compared to the bigsby. Also thanks for all the help guys, i'll try not to screw anything up :P
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you'd have more luck replacing a the bridge with a tune-o-matic and getting yourself a bigsby tailpiece.

down side to doing this is you will have the holes from the hardtail left between the new bridge an the tailpiece. At least with doing a strat style it would be a clean conversion
Two problems with Bigsbys:
On the Tele Custom ii, the bridge is a string-through, so a Tune-O-Matic spaced roller bridge will be more difficult to install.
Also they ares supremely expensive.
Consider a Stetsbar as well.
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