Hello everyone! Recently I found classical guitar very interesting although I'm a Blues/jazz player. I'd really appreciate, If you told me some must - know classical guitar songs!

Time and origin are not so important tho.
[Recuerdos de la Alhambra - Francisco Tarrega]
+1 wow never heard of him tell now but i'm gunna get the album now
A fun classical song is the "Maligana"
They play it on the movie once upon a time in mexico its beatifull
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ok. those are all terrible options to start out on , and difficult, pieces you have suggested.

Start off with some carcassi. OP.60. and the giuliani studies.

you could do snowflight by andrew york. or some simple tarrega would be great. lagrima or adelita. and some really nice studies that are quite musical.

: its malaguena.
Classical Guitarist
Lágrima - F. Tarrega
Cavatina - John Williams arrangement
Romance D'Amour - Anonymous
Sons De Carrillhoes (Choro) - João Pernambuco
Bourée - Bach
Air - Bach

The list goes on and on, but that's a few ones at least!

I believe Leo Brouwer have some "estudios sencillos"/simple etude's that are pretty nice.
For technique try some of fernando sor
25 progresive studies Opus 60

Or matteo carcassi
25 Melodic and Progressive Studies

Mauro giuliani
120 Right Hand Studies (Opus 1a)

The tabs. Standard notation plus midi can be found at www.classclef.com
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