I have multiple guitar effect pedals for sale. Below are the different pedals i have, the condition and price of each.

Boss Super Shifter PS-5...Pretty much brand new, perfect working condition and cosmetically good. No chips, dents or scratches, a few letters are smudged but aside from that its perfect. Still have the original box and instruction booklet. Asking $60, they sell for $150 new and this is pretty much brand new.

Boss Turbo Distortion DS-2...This is in brand new condition, not a scratch or flaw on it cosmetically and its in perfect working condition. Still have the original box and instruction booklet. Asking $30, they sell for $75 new and this is basically brand new.

Ibanez Soundtank Tubescreamer TS5...Again this is in brand new condition. No scratches or flaws cosmetically and its in perfect working order. I believe this is discontinued and no longer made. Asking $25

Boss Limiter LM-2...This pedal is in pretty rough condition. One of the knobs is broken off but is still able to turn, the battery compartment knob is chipped but still functionable, and the battery connector has been cut off (can be fixed easily and really cheap, im just lazy). Theres some chips and scratches in the paint as well. A good pedal for a project. Not 100% sure that the pedal works, i bought it off craigslist from someone along with other things and ever checked it out til i got home and noticed the battery connector was missing. Only asking $10 this.

If you want all 4 pedals id be willing to sell them all for $100. If sold individually id like the prices listed for each.

The DS-2 and PS-5 come with original boxes and instructions, could include brand new 9v batteries along with each pedal, but im unsure of the legalities on shipping batteries. All these pedals have been adult owned and are exactly as described. Great deal on some great effects, the only reason im selling them is because i have a Digitech RP-200 which is what i use now so i just have no use for them. Ill try and get pics up tomorrow. Thanks for checking this out

Buyer will be responsible for shipping costs as well as any paypal fees, or ebay fees if they choose to take that route for security reasons. Ill ship to the lower 48.