Whenever I pick my hand does it on a slightly elevated angle, approximately 40 degrees to the right. How to fix?
The only way you can do it is by consciously making an effort. 9 times out of 10 my palm is resting near the bridge with my fingers fanning out with my pinky sort of wrapped around the volume knob on my Strat, unless I play the lower sounding strings. Make sure you have some sort of anchor point, otherwise you won't be able to palm mute efficiently, if that's your sort of music.
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Ignore the previous comment, anchoring while playing ANYTHING is detrimental to your playing, and it can damage your hand. Play freely.

A for the sideways picking, I had this problem for a long time, to fix it all you have to do is make a concious effort to keep it relatively at a 90 degree angle to the strings

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To be honest I don't know what you mean by your description, it's not very clear. That said the solution is much the same as ever: stop doing it that way, start again slowly and speed up wheny you're entirely comfortable at that tempo.
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If you don't at least anchor your palm you're going to have a hard time palm muting. There's no question there. Whether or not you anchor your fingers, that's preference.
uh fret master. you have your palm above the strings and bring it down to palm mute. obviously if youre going to palm mute while anchoring you still have to move your hand on and off the strings (sideways onto the bridge i guess? makes less sense).

i dont understand how your way of doing it is better.
If you are playing single notes with any sort of speed, you will need to anchor your wrist somewhere so you create a pivot point for your wrist in-order to move it quickly and accurately.

Picking freely doesn't really explain anything to me unless your guitar charges you a fee for every pick. If that's the case i understand and then i would totally pick freely also.

Its hard to tell what you are doing by the description, a video would be most helpful for anyone to help you but as a general rule whatever it is you do keep it the same way every time. If it doesn't sound good you need to figure out why, make the change and keep doing it that way.