Hey everyone

Im looking to get a new guitar, but only have about £200 to spend on one, I have been looking around and am quite interested in getting a seven string, although the only ones in my price range are:

The dean Vendetta 1.7


and the Harley Benton HBR7-450FRBK


I am looking for opinions on both guitars, but please don't spam with things such as "all deans are rubbish and unreliable".

Thanks very much
Out of those two I'd get the dean if I had to choose.

This is pretty much because a floyd on a ~£130 guitar isn't exactly going to be good quality, will just cause a lot of headaches and stress.
You could just block the Floyd on the Harley Benton. Save some money and always have that option to mess around with it.

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however sad that may be its a little off topic egerton, thanks for all the help so far, please keep them coming
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also i used to have a dean venetta 1.0 and tbh despite all i heard about build quality it was a really nice guitar, the p-ups were shite though. just a heads up as you'll probably need to change them.
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any other suggestions or comments? I really could do with some help, im also looking at other non-seven strings such as:
epi les paul studio,
LTD EC-50,
Epi explorer GT,
Jackson JS30 DKT,
Jackson JS30KV.
Kramer Vanguard

for about £200 you could get an ibanez GRG170DX

but if you want a hardtail then epiphone faded G400 Vintage SG (either in worn brown or worn cherry) which are nice guitars

here's another 9 all in your price range and will roughly suit your style. (not all hardtail)

BC Rich Avenge SOB

Dean DGK C Zone

Epiphone Prophecy EM2 Custom EX




Jackson JS1R Dinky

Jackson JX10

Yamaha ERG121

check em all out, not saying you HAVE to buy one of these. but most of them aren't bad guitars.

although 100% guaranteed you're gonna get someone who says "save up like £1000 and get a decent guitar" and while £1000 will buy a better guitar than £200 it depends on how often you're gonna use it and what you're gonna use it for. so a £200 might be perfect for you.
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.