Hey, so I've been getting into more electro/dubstep music lately so I thought I'd try to include a niftier breakdown in one of my songs. I hope you like it! Please leave a crit and with it if you want, a link for C4C.


Edit: Thanks for all the crits, guys! I also added a midi file.

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I'm still learning the genre, but I enjoyed the piece. I know it isn't much of a crit but I didn't really have much/any complaints.
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I am definitely not into this kind of genre, but this piece was kind of cool. There were alot of cool harmonies and melodies that fit the song and made it a really ambient piece. I really like the Pre-Verse solo! It's definitely not my kind of thing, but it was still interesting to listen to. I don't think guitar pro is quite made for the dubstep aspect of it though!
This song kind of reminds me of some movie soundtracks I´ve heard earlier, particularly a modern rendition of Goethe´s "Faust I" This piece really captured some unsettling moments for the listener. I was not a fan of the bass drum use, it´s just too much. I´d use it sparingly to accentuate special beats, and put emphasis on certain moments.

I enjoyed the first few parts of the song, ending in that very open sound, thanks to the 9ths in the pad. The bass drop did not really suit my ears though, but that is because guitar pro´s midi is not exactly made for those sounds. The progression went a little bit dull after this one. While the guitar seems to play ever-changing motives around the progression, it´s a little bit much after a good 80 bars. it did, on the other hand, completely fit the need for resolution and an ending. Are you planning to do this one professionally on a real DAW?

A nice song, I´d like to see you post more of this stylistic, this could be an interresting new feature!
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