Hi all,

I've been playing electric guitar for about 6 years, and before now, never touched an acoustic.

I decided I was missing out on a huge branch of guitar playing, so went out and bought one.
Now I'm not a great electric guitarist, but I can play most things I try.

I have however discovered that I am awful with an acoustic in my hands.
I have the usual maladies of not being to play barre chords too well, and trouble with string bending. Weirdly, I can finger pick better on my electric than the more spaced out strings on an acoustic.
More importantly than that, I can't seem to get a good sound out of what I think is an OK guitar (Epiphone Performer ME).

My question to you good folk, is, will I get better just by keeping at it, should I go back to basics, or just keep plodding away until it gets easier? Any basic songs I can master to help me get up to speed?
Keep practicing.

Your problem is you're learning the wrong way round - it's far easier to switch from acoustic to electric than it is to go from electric to acoustic.

You'll get there eventually, but it will take time.

Practice is always the answer.
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I'm coming up on 2 years of playing now started playing acoustic about a year after electric, Gary's advice is solid and you can never be betrayed by practice. But I found that because my electric and acoustic are so vastly different is size,shape,playability I have adopted a whole different style when switching between them.

So it could just be the shape of the neck/string/body size are just to different from one another that you are have troubles adjusting. But after 6 years of electric I'm sure playing electric is like breathing to you. So in that sense you would probably have more troubles adjusting to a new type of guitar than most who started earlier.

But if you don't see feel your getting any better in a few months try going to the guitar shop and trying out every acoustic/Spanish and try and find the best feel and give it a go, you may even want to try a Semi-hallow body and get a good acoustic amp/pickups to go along with it. Give yourself a good medium between both electric and true acoustic.
most epiphones don't sound too good to me. also have you had the guitar set up so that the action isn't too high? sounds like that may be your problem. also keep in mind that there are various widths and shapes of acoustic necks, so this may just not be the right neck for you.
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Thanks for the great responses, very helpful.

I picked this epiphone because it has a more slender neck than some of the others I tried. My ear isn't great when it comes to acoustics, so couldn't really tell much about sound.

I'll keep working on it, thanks all.