... What the **** does that even mean. A phrase I have heard repeatedly over the last couple of years and no one seems to have an example of how to make music more modern when then follow up a sentence with that phrase..... "those guys need to make it a bit more modern you know?" ... "in what way?" .... "I dunno man, just more... you know, modern"

Has anyone any idea what people mean, or is it another coined buzz phrase people use just to express that something they know little to nothing about?
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is it another coined buzz phrase people use just to express that something they know little to nothing about?

I'd go along with this. Surely modern music is just anything which was made recently?
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When I hear modern it kind of reminds me of kitchen renovations.... Which would be that it is cut down, simple but cleanly done with one or 2 things that complements the whole.

But that really doesn't have much bearing on music, everyone's opinions are so different and what one persons hears and takes in from a song another person might not. So even if it had a defined meaning I don't think it has much bearing..
I have never heard anyone say that.

EDIT: But to me it sounds like the band's gotta work something new into the mix. For example, there's so many punk bands touring around my area... but they are all the same pseudo-political 3 chords and the truth sort of punk. These guys are starting to push their thirties... it kind of sucks to see. Very few of them are bringing anything new to what they're doing.

I have similar feelings towards the whole "singer-songwriter" genre. There's so many kids my age and older who follow the whole "Well if Jack Johnson can do it, why can't I?" formula. I've always figured if you're not doing anything especially unique, what's the point in doing it?
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Just pick a genre that has evolved over the last couple of decades (rock/metal/electronic etc) and compare the sound and quality of early stuff, to stuff being made now.
It's a lot more polished across the board. The engineers in studios are putting more and more of their work onto records, the huge gain in usage of pitch correction software etc.
Fans of old school music will often comment on how they like the "raw" sound of an artists earlier albums, in that there is very little post production editing gone into the output sound. What you hear is pretty much what was recorded, without days sat behind a workstation adding hundreds of effects and tweaking every detail to make it sound perfect for the critics.