What's happening guys, just wanted to let you know a little tip I've been using for the past month that has reaaaaaaaly improved my guitar technique, it mostly applies to picking and lead guitar but it can add a bit of flavour to your rhythm playing.

Now this isn't a big massive, epic thing, it's actually quite simple and easy to do, and won't be new news to a lot of people.

But I've honestly tried all picks of every shape and size.. and this is the best, for me, I've found so far.

What I do is get a Dunlop Tortex .73 Yellow pick (you can actually use any), and sharpen it with a bit of sandpaper or a nailfile etc. until it resembles a sharper, triangular shape at the front. Ultimately you want it to come to a sharp point at the end, rather than a circular/curved point. For me, somehow this makes a tremendous difference!

Feel free to share your own DIY plectrum tips
Or buy the larger dunlop jazz III plecs which are exactly what you described!
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Or...you could just buy one of these.

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Yeah, you get the sharper Tortex picks, but it's like what ChucklesMginty said, a normal Tortex plectrum that's been sharpened well, feels and plays a lot better than the Sharp ones they manufacture, they're a bit awkward and flimsy.
Jazz IIIs
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I use to use a dremel tool and sharpen a few at the same time by stacking them.

I got tired of that so....Green Dunlop Sharps ftw!