I have a couple of Marshall pedals which are great except for the shiney knobs... I didn't get where I am today by having shiney knobs! lol
Does anyone know where I can buy replacement knobs in the UK please? I have already painted them but they'd look better if they were replaced.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
You can usually find things like this on eBay. Try there.
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finding replacements might be difficult because a lot of those marshall pedals have stacked knobs. does it really matter that much?
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It's not absolutely crucial and like I said I have painted them so I can see them when playing. I'm just seeing if there are any replacements out there really. I don't know why Marshall make them like that though lol it's so difficult to see where they're postioned when playing gigs.
I have to say it is very annoying using those Marshall pedals!
I used one at a band practice one time and couldn't even see where I was set to while I was setting it up! (then again mine is a few years old now)
So I can't imagine how annoying it would be live!

All I can say is paint thm with fluorescent paint or something as I imagine knobs that would fit the Marshall pedals could be hard to come by.
I painted the tops of the knobs with black acrylic, then painted the markers white with the intention of painting the markers with fluorescent paint but it doesn't seem to paint over the white paint that well.....