What ? How can you say that ? I don't understand .It's a backing track i made for the french web site Guitar Live ,for some kind of contest .I have not took part of the contest ,but my participation can be heard if you click on the blue icon : exemple MP3.:
But I realise that you need to be registred to dowload it ,and you got to pay for that ...
Even a link in the forum associated with this particular contest,but this one is no more available ....I think the web site media putfile don't exist any more....Sorry ,but you can trust me that i'm not a troll at all,I confirm it under oath.
Otherwise ,I made another gypsy swing on this web site,but on electric guitar ,so here is the link to it :
And as you can see : I have won the contest ."vainqueur" in french means "winner" in english.
But believe what you want ,I don't mind in fact ...
You'll soon find that people on this forum can't appreciate anything other than generic metal riffs. If you throw in some gallops or sweep picking, they automcatically worship you.
Anyway, freaking great playing. I've got recently started listening to some gypsy music, and this stuff is incredible. It requires a rediculously high level of musicianship. I'm trying to work my way out from Django.
Great slide playing too on your profile.
Bullshit, I appreciate everything. I don't understand how someone can come here and say they don't have appropriate recording equipment and have 28 studio quality, professional grade recordings.
Well ,i don't have this equipement for recording an acoustic guitar.And for electric guitar : Only amps emulation gears = line 6 POD xt ,Crate TDP preamp,and blackstar HT dual .And regarding the "guitar skills "folder : Most of backing tracks are not mine ,some of them are mine ,but just a few .I don't play acoustic often ,so I don't find necessary to buy a condenser microphone ,wich is expansine enough and need to have a phantom alimentation to be functional,wich cost a lot too I suppose....And I must admit that I don't play on acoustic guitar any more actually.
But this music (gypsy swing ) still very attractive to me,Django's music is timeless in my opinion and the dynamic swing it generates is so communicable.And it stills rooted deeply in the Tzigan's folklore wich is ,emotionnaly speaking,very strong .I'm far from playing it at a professionanl level,but it's a very interesting style ,and technically guitar skills speaking: It's far beyond an amount of guitar players who can play only with distortion.
Thanx a lot for your feedback.
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Well, if I mistook your playing for stolen professional work then I suppose you should take that as a compliment... My apologies man. I guess my mistake speaks for itself because that's outstanding guitar work.