British 5 piece Pop Punk Band from Basingstoke Hampshire,

"Satanic bacon pop punk post grunge batista and B"

A teen band which originally got together as a 3 piece in 2009, and lated added a bass player and another guitarist to their line up in 2010.

From playing local community centre's to escalting to Basingstoke Live's Mainstage (A free 2 day festival with over 3,000 watchers). Whilst we where there we sold our recently recorded EP titled "IncEPtioN" and made a overall £200 selling an overall 100 copies which we all printed and copied our self's.

The EP features 7 self written tracks and artwork created by Jack there lead guitarist.

Angus Vanderslott - Lead Vocals
Jack Messer - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Matt Estlea - Bass / Backing Vocals
Rob Harvey - Rhythm Guitar
Henry Nicholson - Drums