hey guys, i recently put up an EP i recorded and i was looking for some crit on the song "Seasons" i know that its prolly the weakest song on the ep so i looking for some crit on it and things to do to make it better. ill c4c! thanks

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Hey j1o1s1h1b1! Thanks for checking out our song and leaving a comment. Much appreciated. I checked out your song "Seasons" and I enjoyed listening to it. It's a little slow for my taste, but I'm definitely open to listening to anything.

Just some points: I thought the vocals sounded just a tad shaky at parts. I figured that you were going for an emotional appeal, but some of the shakiness made it sound a lil out of tune is all. But they did blend well with the guitar. The other thing I wanted to mention was that the chord strums starting around 1:06 seemed to be just a hair too slow in my opinion. Everytime they hit, it seemed like the dragged on for just a little too long, so maybe quicker strokes of the chords would make the song flow better? But that's just my opinion lol you could've easily been going for that!

Thanks again for checking out our song. Let us know if you make any more originals or add anything else to your EP