hey guys, I have an Epiphone sg and I was wondering if it would be worth the money to get a noise reduction pedal. I get a little bit of hum on my amp (Roland 30 watt) but it's not that bad. I'm just trying to get the best sound possible with what I'm using. I've heard that most people use noise reduction pedals for single coil pickups; since I have humbuckers would I really need this pedal? I'm thinking of getting a Behringer NR300 Noise Reduction Effects Pedal because it's cheap and I'm on a tight budget right now.
I would've recorded the sound on my computer but I have a really bad Mic which wouldn't help.

Please post any thoughts on noise reduction/how I can improve my sound.
If you want a cheap NR pedal, look into the MXR M195, I would stay away from the berhinger pedals, they will suck the life out of your tone.
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There's always going to be some noise. Chances are very good that it's the amp itself and not just the guitar, especially if you've got the gain up. If that's the case, a NR pedal won't do any good - the Cube doesn't have an FX loop to run the pedal in.

I would not waste your money on a noise reducer unless you're getting really unbearable hum or hiss from a big pedal chain or a high-gain amp with an FX loop. It's going to mess up your tone a little bit, and it sounds like you have a manageable amount of noise. Plus, considering your budget, you'd be a lot better off saving for another amp than adding cheap pedals to your chain.

The cube is a reasonably quiet amp, so if you're having what you think is too much noise, you might have a wiring problem with your guitar. If the noise gets worse when you touch metal on the guitar, or if it goes from very loud to very quiet when you touch metal (some reduction is normal) you have a grounding issue.
^ agreed
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