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A couple of months back, I had what doctors thought was mono, but the test came out negative, I still don't know what it was . It started out as a normal cold, and it just got way worse and I started to ache all over my body, everything went blurry, I felt light-headed all the time, I couldn't stop sweating, I had tonsil stones which made everything taste terrible, etc. This was the exam season, so I had to go do a couple exams at school. First one was alright, but on the second one, when we were waiting to go in everything was going blurry and I could feel my consciousness deteriorating. I was about to fait then we went in . I lost 10lbs in like 8 days.

Anyway, share your worst illnesses.
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hodgkins stage 2 lymhpoma. I was 19... needed 6 months of chemo and 3 months of radiation. 2 surgeries also to take out tumors. Oh... and the doc said no smoking drinking


I would probably rather go through that again than divorce. What a shit storm
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Hypophosphotemic Rickets, my body filters out all my phosphate intake so i am really short and have brittle bones, oh and its genetic so i was born with it and if i have a girl she'll have it.
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I've had Lime disease 3 separate times, all within six months of each other. My bowels were ****ing ruined after all that medication.
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When I was born I nearly died.

Beat that

when i was born i nearly died... and the hospital has no record of it.
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After playing guitar for forty years, my left hand won't work anymore. Doctors say maybe it's carpal tunnel, or a pinched nerve from an old neck vertebrae fusion. Anyway, no more guitar playing for me. It's not the worst illness by any means, but it's the end of my playing, which is pretty hard to take.
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After playing guitar for forty years, my left hand won't work anymore. Doctors say maybe it's carpal tunnel, or a pinched nerve from an old neck vertebrae fusion. Anyway, no more guitar playing for me. It's not the worst illness by any means, but it's the end of my playing, which is pretty hard to take.

Isn't carpal tunnel easy to fix?
I had mono... worst I had until now... lost 10 Kg in a month.
I hope I never get sick... it sucks.
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i've had the stomach bug idk how many times in my life. I'd spend the whole night puking my guts up and to this day these expierences have given me a fear of vommiting and I do whatever I can to prevent it. One time in like 4th grade i did so much i popped blood vessels in my face.
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Probably not bad compared to other people, but I got diagnosed with diabetes in February. Felt really lethargic, thirsty and had to go to the toilet a lot.

When I went to the doctors finally, I had a blood sugar level of 36.6, a normal person's is about 6 or 7. My keytones level was about 6 I think, you're meant to go straight to hospital when it goes above 4.

Apparently I could've died, but it wasn't too bad, just had to spend 3 or 4 days in hospital.
I had a bad bacterial lung infection a few years back. Apparantley it badly damaged a large portion of one of my lungs. It felt just like a cold or flu (a severe one,) but it may have done irreversible damage.
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I have crohn's disease.

same here

not active right now, though
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Inguinal hernia when I was a baby. My intestines had to be sewn back in. Good times. Other than that, I've almost lost my eyes and kidneys.
I know this is nothing compared to some of the illnesses already posted but, when I came home for the Christmas holidays last year I came down with a really bad chest infection
For about three weeks it was really difficult for me to breathe which obviously got quite scary, ended up having to go to hospital on boxing day
Mono fucking sucks!

I lost 10 pounds in about three weeks. Also most people that have it sleep a lot. I was the opposite. I slept on average 2 to 3 hours a night for about two weeks. Worst I have ever felt by far. I'm so glad you can only get that once.

Oh and I had it during my family's big 4th of July party, a camping trip I was looking forward to, and a friends trip to an amusement park. Fuck that.

Though I am very thankful that that is the worst that has happened to me. There are must worse things out there.

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I've never had anything majorly serious, thankfully.
My worst experience to date probably came from either pneumonia and pharyngitis at the same time, or the first 2 years or so I was on APs for bi polar disorder. I'm off the meds now because they really made me feel like shit.
I ate some bad food after 2 days of eating only popcorn and soda.

Puking out popcorn hurts
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I had pneumonia when I was 2 years old. That was definitely the most serious. I barely remember anything about it.
Had Bronchiatus or something when I was very young which nearly took me out.

Other than that I don't think I've had anything too bad. Nothing that needs surgery or heavy medical attention.
One of the worst I've probably ever had was chicken pox for the third time. Yeees, yes, I know, you're only supposed to get it once, but that's not always true. The first time I had it it was so mild that I thought I had just had an allergic reaction until I went to the doctor. The second time sucked, but not too bad. And then the third time was just awful. I had a 102 temp. for about two weeks straight, I was bed ridden those two weeks, and every move I made set off this pain in my entire body. And the only thing that seemed to numb the pain was hot baths, so I took about four baths a day. I still have scars from it, but girls seem to think it's sexy so I guess it's not too bad.

Also, I had strep throat and two ear infections at the same time, that sucked pretty bad.
My freshman year of highschool I got like "super" mono. It was mono, but worse than most have it, they said. Because I had it for over 2 months. And my school being the ****ed up thing it is, didn't waive my bed-ridden sick days and I didn't get a single credit for the whole year.

Half the reason I was forced to drop out 2 years ago

So aside from the actual sickness, it's taken probably the biggest toll on my life so far aside from the person who raised me my entire life passing away.

Then earlier this year I got the same ****ing thing again, only it wasn't actual mono. They still have no idea what I had. My tonsils swelled up to the size of like golfballs. I couldn't eat, sleep, drink, anything. it was ridiculous, just like freshman year. But 4 doctors visits later (Mind you I don't have health care and ended up getting billed over 5k over the course of two months which LUCKILY was waved after some legal dispute we put up) they just decided to give me the same meds i got last time. Healed me up in 2 days.

Sadly my voice has never been the same, it cracks now (And I'm almost 20) and I can't scream or anything when I used to be able to. My voice is also higher now -__-

So i had a manlier voice at 16

Never had anything more serious than your regular throat infection/flu. I've never broken or sprained anything either.

VÅDIT oh yeah of course I also had chicken pox sometime during my childhood.
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Once I thought I had mono for an entire year. Turns out I was just really bored.

...But really, I had shingles once and was dehydrated at the same time. Spent a night in the hospital, but nothing truly threatening.
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Once I caught gonocakacoccus. Symptoms include pain whilst urinating and maracanisation of the testicles.
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