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Hey, I play in a dream-pop/shoegaze/post-rock band named Lipstick Lesbian. Our primary influences include Galaxie 500, Jeniferever, Mogwai, and Slowdive. For a one-track sample of the EP, I suggest our single, "Rhymes With You (Weird)", for which a music video will be filmed shortly. The track can be heard here:

Feedback and comments are appreciated!
Love it man! So gorgeous. The vocals and production remind me of My Bloody Valentine at times. Yall have a great use of dynamics as well. Can't wait to see what you will do in the future.
Thanks so much!
We've actually begun writing new material; we're realeasing a split EP with a local indie rock band in the near future and a full length a little bit later. We're woking in an increasingly post-rock direction. There's a video of us playing one of the songs that will be included on the split EP on our FB page. Check it out and give me some feedback if you have some time!
For once the Slowdive reference is not imaginary. Really nice EP. "Strange places" is quite catchy and deserves its 1st place in the record. There's a little something that also reminds me of Mazzy Star. Great job!

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