Haven't came up with the chords yet, but this is what I came up with my state of mind I'm in towards my girl friend. Doesn't flow right, but wrote it in about 10 minutes, should take the time before I post this random sh*t. But when the mood strikes at you, you got to shoot it down with a full barrel.


I've had this song stuck in my head for a week or two.
and I've remembered everything you've said.
Sometimes I don't know If I'm alive
or if I'm dead.
Alls I know your love will grow strong.
With every word.
With everything you said.
I hope it all holds true.


I feel you running through my veins.
The lives you touched.
The memories that fade.
I feel you running through me,
the love that turns
the fireworks that fade.


when I dream of you
I feel my fantasy explode,
into the world unknown,
Like a weed when it dries.
Everything I touch,
will soon die.
but I will still be here to hold your hand,
the moment I die,
till the moment you can't stand,


chorus x1

Verse 3

when she walks out the room
she feels so cold.
so dead,
makes glass turn to stone.
I'm still here,
looks like I'm standing,
on a cloud.
Enough to make you cringe,
but, enough to make you smile.
Now, I don't know if I was ever like him,
turn the page a little,
but my chapter holds within.
she will never love me like she used to,
and she will never love me like she was with you.
but all I know.
I know this true.
Nothing will satisfy her,
only, but you.

Chorus 2x