I've got a video to upload of me playing the beginning riff, I'm doing something wrong, but I have no idea what that is? I was wondering if someone who can play the song can watch the vid and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

The song is tuned 2,50 semitones down or something, very uncommon in western music. might help you out.
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Thank you for the reply JY, in my tab book, it says drop D but I was told that's mostly wrong lol When I watched a vid of someone else playing it without an amp, and I did the same, it didn't sound quite right, I think I'm playing it wrong but not sure how

According to the tab I have it says to play an open note twice, then play the first fret and pre bend it
you have to bend the string instead of hitting 2 notes and the rythm is a little messed up to. listen very closely to the original song and you'll see where it goes off.
And make sure you bend the string before picking. You don't want to hear the note bend up and then back down, just down.

EDIT: basically what that tab you have said.
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Thanks so much for the replies, I'll give it a go and probably post another vid somepoint to check I've got the hang of her

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