Nice intro riff, catchy and heavy, though it kinda lacks presence and it doesn't really cut the mix, and thus doesn't sound as powerful as it could. The vocals, apart from sounding too out of the mix, were pretty weak imo. Your singer may not be bad per se (though imo the vocals in this song don't really fit the style), but in this song the vocals sound thin and half-assed to be honest. I lìked the chorus, very melodic yet heavy. 1:45 was kinda interesting, but that riff kinda went on for too long if you ask me.

Production-wise, it's not really that bad, but it could be a whole lot better. If you're a 3-piece band, then your primary focus would be getting to sound as 'big' as possible, and I just don't see that in this song. The recording as a whole should be tighter and less 'reverbly' imo. I'd suggest using a different tone with more presence and treble for the rhythm guitars, making the drums sound tighter and more upfront, and re-recording the vocals and equing them so that they fit better in the mix.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1473622
Alright, thanks.

How do you recommend EQing (the vocals) because I'm very new with this sort of stuff.

Checking yours out now.
Honestly, since my music is almost exclusively instrumental, I've little to no experience equing vocals. Thus, my advice would be to play with whatever eq you feel the most comfortable with, and dicking around till you get it to sound the way you like (taking the volume down a notch and using a compressor on the vocals to even them out would be a good idea as well).
There are also some pretty good EQ guides on the internet which might point you in the right direction, but ultimately every song is different and it comes down to you to get a good sound.
Thanks for the crit! your instrumental work is done very well, but like the others said, the voice is out of place. definatly not mixed well and honestly his voice seems like something more suited to a chevelle not really doom metal.

His voice would fit in something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP3Yhs8q7oM&ob=av2e

I dont know, maybe I'm just crazy lol but thats what I thought of when I first heard it. The guitars are sick though!

Edit: also you might not know but its not allowed to bump or thank people in this part of the forums, saying 'anyone else?' can get you warned.
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Oh, thanks a lot for the helpful words. I understand what you mean by vocals, we're still trying to figure it out :/

And thanks for telling me about the no bumping allowed rule!
Loving the intro man! That as my favourite part I think! In terms of mixing and production, it's good! Particularly like the guitars! I also agree that it could sound a bit "bigger", but overall I like it. Was glad the vocals wasn't some standard screamer either!

Nice work!

C4C if you have a moment? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1473399
You have too much distortion, less distortion, and less high frequencies on the guitar and more low end for doomier sound. This sound makes it sound like sonic porridge. Also, your voice doesn't really suit doom metal but it's okay. You use too much vibrato though. Vocals always need some echo/delay (but very little). Experiment with the effects until you get a desired sound.

This isn't really very doom metal after the first riff. The riffs sound rather amateurish and even metalcorey and some of the musical desiscions are very cheap, such as the ending rhythm and the riff of chorus. They're not bad but they're far from being original.

I think the vocalist would suit much more to music like Ghost Brigade (check out the song 'Into the Black Light')

Anyways, give me a word or two;
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Thanks! Would it make a difference if I said we were just a heavy metal, and not a doom metal band? That was a mistake, I didn't mean to put it in the OP. For example, do you think the vocals and guitars would still fit into the song?
OK definitely lay some thick ass reverb on those vocals to blend them into the mix. I see you doubled the guitars on each side. I'd suggest record the guitar part a total of four (4) times to beef the **** out of your sound. Also turn up the drums. That should make it a lot better I think. As far as defining what music genre this is, I'd say Sabbath influenced for sure....

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=28024936#post28024936
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