I've been intrested in getting a new bass for a while, I might even sell my squier to help make up a little bit more of the money needed for a Ernieball Musicman Stingray, I've looked at all the local music shops nearby and none of them have one, although they said they could order one for me, but before I go ahead and sell one of my basses for another one, I was wondering if you guys have any thoughts on why I should or shouldn't get it maybe?, thanks
What do you play?
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My bass now is a Squier P bass, and a yamaha something that I havent played for a while, oh u meant music wise? xD, idk, punk rock, rock, foo fighters, greenday, billy talent, rise against, offspring, with the occasional RHCP song or so..
Yes, in my opinion, always a yes with Stingrays.

Seriously, best instrument I own. It has put my Warwick Thumb into hibernation.

Admittedly, it only really does one sound - but if you love that sound, nothing comes close.

As with everything it is important that you try one before you buy it.
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I love my fretless Stingray. It has a great growl to its tone and its built like a tank. I've used it for everything from fusion jazz, cover band rock and alternative.
I don't think you'll be disappointed at all with a Stingray. Even though it is famous for only one sound, that one sound goes brilliantly with a plethora of genres.

Still, it's definitely better to try before you buy, as always.
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For what you play, a Stingray would work fine. I would encourage you to try before you buy, but EB has good quality control, so you should be fine.
played one for the first time at guitar center a few weeks ago i only played it acoustically because i like to worry about feel of playing before any other factor when playing new instruments but it was a joy to play the action was ridiculous compared to my schecter ( my schecter was only 1/4 of the price of the stingray) the one i tried had a gloss neck, that was a cool feature, felt really good and looked amazing and im not a big fan of basses with huge bodies but this one was a larger body than im used to but still felt really good and it was just a solid instrument all around i have been wanting to go back and plug in to an amp and see how it sounds just didnt have the time when i was there. hoe this helps you a little! i know i wish i could be buying one!!
I love my 'Ray. I always considered myself a Fender man until I got it, but to be honest my Fender Jazz has never been out of the case since, and I don't regret selling my Precision to fund it. Incredible basses. I previously hated active electronics for the most part, but the EQ sounds phenomenal on it. No other bass sounds the same; I've had a lot of people, even those who don't play bass or who aren't musical at all, comment on how good it sounds. It's a sound you'll only ever get from that one instrument. There isn't a massive amount of tonal variety outside of more bass/more treble, but that one sound will work very well with almost any type of music. Not to mention the playability on it; despite the slightly thicker feel on it, I've never had such an easy-to-play bass before.

I always heard people going on about the EBMM tone before I got one, and always thought it was just hype/fanboism, but I actually understand now. In short; if you have any taste at all, you won't regret it. Get that Stingray.
I'm attempting to build one. or will be when the parts start arriving. I haven't played one yet but I love the sound of them. I'll probably end up getting one at some point.
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Check out the Music Man sterling, its a little more versatile and has a smaller neck. I just saw in a GC catalog that theres a new stingray with a sterling sized neck so you should check them all out if you can
Played the Stingray a few times, loved it to bits. It's near the top of my 'basses to buy when I'm rich and bored' list.
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I love me a good stingray and they're much more versatile than people give them credit for. My 30th Anniversary 'Ray is my favorite bass and can play almost anything, while my HH Stingray 5 can literally play anything. I highly recommend them, you can't really go wrong with any of the models.
Just listen to some Red Hots to get the sound... but yeah it's a really good choice, espacially if you like to slap!
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Just listen to some Red Hots to get the sound... but yeah it's a really good choice, espacially if you like to slap!

A lot of the RHCP bass tones have a lot going on.

If you want a more accurate idea of what a Stingray sounds like out of the box played clean, check out;

Though that's not really fair, cuz Timmy runs through a customized SVT, which holds many secrets.
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Though that's not really fair, cuz Timmy runs through a customized SVT, which holds many secrets.

The first time I got my Musicman Stingray out of the box, I plugged it into a crappy old 20watt guitar amp I use for practising, and got a sound almost exactly like that.
Stingray = Absolutely amazing. Those big fat humbuckers in 'em will definitely be better than your squier.
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Stingrays are the most absolutely beautiful bass ever made next to fender jazz basses. They do one tone incredibly well, but like someone said above me, you can tweak it for a bunch of genre's not amazing for classic rock but for more modern stuff its the coup de grace.