I have seen threads here, and elsewhere, about head room on tube amps with low wattage. But all the ones that I have seen are about jamming with drummers. What I want to know is, do amps with 1 or 2 watts give enough head room for cleans when recording or just playing in your bedroom/apartment?
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Yeah. But not much.

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Also depends on the pickups, although you could roll down the level a bit.
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we were kidding in the "all you need is 5 watts to gig" thread. so please don't buy that line of BS.

1 or 2 watt amps have almost no headroom.
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You can put in a 12at7 or 12au7 for more clean headroom
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john, you left your delay on.

changing that tube in a low watt amp just makes it quieter imo. at least that's my experience. so it actually breaks up at a higher point on the vol dial, but it's still at a very quiet overall volume.

not flaming, just posting my experience.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.