So I've always been a huge fan of metal and have wanted to do anything dealing with music for my career. I tried the whole band thing, but unfortunately, the area I live in has the worst music scene ever and we got nowhere. So now I write and record my own material all by myself and I'm currently trying to write my own full length album and sell it online. I still want to be in a touring band more than anything in the world, but at the moment, that is not possible for me so this will have to do. I only have one song recorded at the moment, and its only the Intro track of my album, but I have 3 more songs that I'm almost finished recording and a bunch of others on the way.


Sorry if the quality isn't quite studio quality, but I'm kinda a novice at recording. I'm learning as many helpful recording tips I possibly can and in the end, I will most likely end up re-recording this song for a much better mix and just plain out awesome quality.

If anyone has any helpful tips for a starting Artist, that would be amazing. I love to meet new people and talk about anything dealing with music. So please people, message me, I will answer back. If you guys like the music, please like my facebook page and help spread the word!