I have project files and audio files from a friend who recorded my band using Logic pro. I was supposed to help mix everything but he had to leave because of the hurricane on the east coast. So he didn't have time to export each individual wav.
So now I have a whole bunch of audio files and no project file (that I can use) to put them in order. So can someone load up the project file for me and export each individual wav. (e.g. Snare, bass drum, vocal, ect..) for me to dropbox?

Thanks to anyone in advance.

Here is the dropbox LINK
Let me know if this doesn't work, first time using dropbox
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Might be able to do this for you for tomorrow evening - depends on how long I'm tracking vox for tomorrow afternoon (and can't do it tonight 'cos I have 'normal' work at 8am )

Nevertheless, I'll download it anyway in case noone else offers to help!

Edit: Link doesn't work, you need to copy the file/folder into your Public folder, and then go into Public folder to get the public link for it
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
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