New Upgrade Day.

For my Ibanez EX 3700, I upgraded it with all GFS parts, 1 meg vol and tone controls, orange .022 cap, Fender switch, and GFS zebra crunchy pats.
I wanted to change the pickups for a better look and sound, I think it matches the overall scheme nicely.
I left the middle pickup stock, which didnt make 2 and 4 hum cancelling with the GFS pickups, so I had to swap the lead and ground on all 3 pickups, making the outer coils split with the middle, although this is uncommon, I really like the sound, it's very strat like. (Which honestly, makes more sense, because the split coils are the screw adjustable ones.)
The bridge pickup is very powerful in comparison to the rest, which is alright, it all sounds great for the money I paid.
Cusp of Magic
that's a nice looking instrument. I love the Wizard necks...working on picking a new Ibby myself...probably end up putting GFS in it, too.