So, I like wider/bigger bodied guitars. Not so much huge hollow-bodies but more so just slightly wider than your standard Les Paul. I do love Les Pauls but they're just too thick and not wide enough for me. I play Gibson l6 and l5's but what I'm looking for is something not as old that can take a little more abuse for shows.
I've looked into the Parker Hornet and I'm not a huge fan of the electronics, not to mention no inlays...
I've looked around for something of quality with a wider body but if anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.
if you can find one get a Squier Esprit. don't laugh it's a very good guitar and is the budget (but far from cheap) version of the Robben Ford sig. all mahogany, chambered with set neck. size wise it falls between a LP and a 335 which is also where it stands sound wise (leans a little more towards the LP) the stock pups are duncan design but aren't to bad. swap them out for a real JB/Jazz set and it sounds great. handles distortion really well and does a nice clean jazz or blues sound as well.