hello. I play a standard American stratocaster SSS. i mostly play classic rock, blues, and classical. i am getting into playing some faster pieces with more metal or neo-classical sounds, and want to get some more bang out of my single coils.

I am looking to buy a new amp and some pedals. I like a really clean tone so the amps primarily for being able to handle that; should definitely be tube. And thru some pedals id like to be able to achieve a more metal like sound. i dont know how much of a conflict it is to want to have really clean tone and a more shreddy tone, so i ask yall.

im lookin for an amp in the $4-500 price range. the pedals should just be good and functional, price doesnt matter here too much.

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well if your gonna get more bang outta your coils look at seymour duncan hot rails, although i dont know how good the cleans are, fender amps are renowned for their clean tone but im not sure how well they would take distortion or overdrive pedals for metal
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change (atleast) your bridge pickup to a minibucker (those humbuckers that fit in a singlecoil spacing) and hmm... bugera v22 has great cleans and im pretty sure it can handle metal if you run a pedal through it... if not maybe the fender DX will do

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i play a strat as well. i use a Peavey Valveking which has a decent clean channel and a good gain channel. doesn't do super high gain stuff but is fine for what you are talking about. if you need more umph then get an overdrive (i do this myself).

to play neo-classical stuff you need clearly defined notes which means that piling on the distortion isn't what you really want to do. single coil sized humbuckers are ok but won't have the clarity of a regualr single coil. i'd suggest getting noiseless single coils (i use lace sensors in my main strat. )
consider a stacked humbucking pick up for the bridge. it's a humbucker stacked vertically so it fits in a single coil position.

and need more info from the 311 stickied thread for better amp advice. consider editing your OP with that info.
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I'll +1 the Valveking if only because with a little tweaking (and a speaker change, which is definitely affordable on your budget) it can pull off some incredible cleans.
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