I bought a guitar from a pawn-shop yesterday for $75. Its a wanna be Fender Strat made in Korea with a "Grand Prix" headstock.
It plays pretty good, and doesn't look bad from a distance, I was studying it up close, and I noticed there is a lot of rust on it. All the screws holding the pickgaurd are rusty, there's rust on the bridge, on the pickups, and on the selector switch.
I've always wanted to customize a guitar, and I think this one is perfect to work on. Any ideas on new pickups or something?
If the bridge is rusted, you're gonna want a new bridge. Tuners are also a likely needed swap.

No advice on pickups.
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Pics so I can help?
Likely the pups are no good, but play it after you replace the bridge and tuners to be sure.
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Depends, I don't know what pickups go good with plywood. EMGs will make it sound like every other EMG guitar though.

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I would remove the bridge, stick it on ebay as a "relic'd" bridge for 100 bucks. (It WILL sell). now you have a free guitar and 25 bucks towards a new bridge (remember, it's an import, so the screw spacings are different), and some new tuners. As far as pickups go, most of the Korean stuff is all the same, and I have been known to throw out the front and middle pickups in US and Mex strats and put the squire stuff in, because they have more "quack", and suddenly the bridge pickup sounds good. I would keep those and put something hotter in the bridge position,a duncan,gfs,dimarzio,whatever.Get some electrical contact cleaner, like Deoxit, and hose down the switch and pots. I have lots of fun driving the hardware store guys nuts looking for pickguard screws(they NEVER seem to have phillips head, always flat head). The main thing to remember, is that import strats are different than the US/Mex stuff, so the screw holes don't line up. The only real problem area will be your bridge, so be sure when you order it. You want that to be the same. Pickguards NEVER line up the screw holes, it seems, so get whatever you think looks cool, but once again, you may have to fiddle with the switch slot some to get it to work right. That's how I first got started with all of this, changing out a pickguard, and it's FUN! If you are careful, you could wind up with 25-50 bucks in the whole thing!
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