I just came up with the strangest idea, but I don't have the talent to accomplish my idea.

Ever wanted to have four pickups? Or to be able to change pickups, like EMG's to Duncans without rewiring anything?

Why not create a device that let's you attach both. Attach the pickups to a rotating harness and when you want to swap them, just push on the pickup, and then woollaahh, the other pickup turns over and the other is on the other side.

Of course you would need to have a massive body cavity, or extremely small pickups to do this, but it would be amazing if it could be possible. Then there's the wiring that will be a pain or impossible to do.

Just imagine the tonal differences artists could create!

Then again, I could just be talking out of my butt.
why not just work on some sort of plug in system, where you could slide in a pickup and slide it out?

I definitely see what you mean though, that would be great.
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the triple shot is completely different. its just a way to not have toggle switches and switch between humbucking, parallel, and... oop? or something. not different pickups, just how the two bobbins are wired.
i mean the point in having the triple shot or any switches of any kind or knobs is to have different tonal options. and changing a pickup is kind of like that, so in a sense i suppose it is the point in the triple shot... but changing pickups is a whole new level.

i think making your pickups install from the rear and have them be solderless connecting would be the best option. pop off the back panel, pull em out, and put new ones in and connect the plug and go

and then have little trim rings, one for humbucker, one for single coil, and one for p90. have it routed big enough for all. then you can switch between whatever you want
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Those are good idea's, but to be able to switch instantly when you're playing live at a gig is where I was getting at.
Honestly, this just sounds like some gimmicky idea that wouldn't really ever take off; basically, like the Gibson Firebird X.
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Those are good idea's, but to be able to switch instantly when you're playing live at a gig is where I was getting at.
you couldnt. best you could do is like, a/b/c/d/e amps. and a big footswitch. and switch sounds that way. and then use something versatile like p-rails
i saw some guit a long time ago that had a removable pickup. One that you could pop in and out with a button push or something. It used some kinda wireless system or something to get to the input jack. Their was only one size of pickup however and it only fit a bridge pickup.
I'm sure I've read about switchable pickups somewhere before....

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someone did a guitar with 2 sigle coils that you could adjust their positioning anywhere along the routed cavity, looked pretty neat, would like to see it done with railbuckers and coil taps.
Dan Armstrong anyone? The plexiglass guitars had a "trough" into which several different models of pickups could be put in. They were each designed for a different type of music.
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Depends, I don't know what pickups go good with plywood. EMGs will make it sound like every other EMG guitar though.

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