Hey everyone, I've been going through my whole guitar/amp collection and writing down serial #'s and getting replacement costs to give to my insurance company, and I've been able to get almost everything taken care of except for this Vox Tempest XII 12-string I have. I just need to know what I would look to pay for a replacement of it, so that I can pay to have that price insured. I've looked around a bit, but have only been able to find one for sale, on eBay.

Here's the facts I know about my guitar:

- It's in Moderate condition. (worst of all my guitars, paint is 'crackling', pickguard chipped about it)
- It WORKS. all the pickups and switches and jacks operate.
- Frets and fretboard are actually in very good condition.
- Vox tuners
- Was "Made in Italy by Vox" (engraved on back of headstock)
- Was at "Concerta Music" in Appleton, Wisconsin at some point in time, still has clear/gold sticker on back of headstock. (small)
- Possible serial number?? On the back of the headstock, UNDER the finish of the topcoat is a small square with the number '22.926' printed on it. This is not a sticker.

I tried to include as much info as I thought relevant, if more is needed I'm glad to supply it. Here's a picture of the guitar itself:

Can anyone give me any info/advice/help with this? I really just need a rough estimate for insurance purposes. But any interesting info you have would be rad!
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Not entirely sure of the value, but I do recall seeing one for sale somewhere for around $600+. Sweet guitar, man. Maybe look around and see if you can find an antique appraiser?
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