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Yeah, I'm basically the best at everything.
34 28%
I guess, but I'm not known for it.
53 43%
No, being well rounded is for wimps.
7 6%
No, but I'd like to be.
16 13%
N0, b3ing w3ll r0vnd3d iznt gangsta.
12 10%
Voters: 122.
Didn't searchbar, I'm too lazy.

Anyway, same as the title states. Do you think you're a well rounded individual? I don't mean physically, I mean in the sense that you are open to things that you might not always be or just good at many a thing.

Poll coming.
im pretty thin i think

seriously though yeah i do think im well rounded comes from being bored alot and not sleeping much and having a try everything once attitude

ive read up on alot of thigns and tried some too from music to cooking to sewing to sports you get the idea...
Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

No. I feel I have a few specializations, but I wouldn't say I'm particularly well-rounded, just that I know the shit I need to know either by profession, study, or hobby.

EDIT: Lol. At the time of voting, there were five votes, one for every category.
Well I guess I'm good at making music, and I'm not too bad at writing...but that's just about it

Does that make me a well rounded individual?
I keep an open mind to whatever someone has to say to me. It's a learning experience and I like to get as much information as possible. Then I form my own opinion on it.
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I try to be. Balance is everything to me and I try to maintain a balance in everything.
I can carry on conversations regarding many subjects. Including aircraft carriers made out of ice cubes.
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TS are you calling me fat?
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So well-rounded I'm making spheres jealous.
No. I'm only good at certain things. Every one of my skills are so freakin specific.
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So well-rounded I'm making spheres jealous.

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No, I'm a little underweight I think.
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I'm an average skater, average shredder, average artist and an average student.

Basically a mediocre dunce
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I'm an average skater, average shredder, average artist and an average student.

Basically a mediocre dunce

You calling me fat, TS?
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