Hello, I recently purchased a Squire stratocaster guitar which came bundled with the Sp-10 mini amp. When I got the two I wasn't expecting to be impressed with their quality being that they were a beginners gear. I was actually surprised with the squire as it was better than I had expected yet the Sp-10 amp fell below my already low expectations. Now I love the fact that it is small and easy to store in a small area but I simply can't make due with it's lacking features. As it only has Master Volume, Bass, and Treble. Problem is I love to play in the Metal genre. Crossing the area between all that remains and Whitechapel. Now you might find this quite hard to do when all your working with is max bass and no gain. I'm relatively new to playing electric guitar as I've been playing acoustic for 3 years and electric for about half a year. So my question is what are some good amps that are small in size like the Sp-10 but also have quality distortion settings to get a great sound.

Oh and hopefully something that won't make my wallet leave me.
If your playing whitechapel and all that remains some variation of the roland cube will be your best bet.
Both seem like fine suggestions the Roland Micro cube does sound promising assuming I can get it for a good price.
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Im In the exact same boat. Love the guitar but I rarely have it plugged in to the SP-10 amp as it sounds awful
Vox VT20+

What kutless999 posted are good choices too. You can use the modeling amps to get your groove on.
Parker PDF30
Vox VT40+

click on the pic

You may want to stick a boost in front of it.
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get an interface for a computer and download reaper and free amp vst stuff.
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Quote by Cathbard

click on the pic

You may want to stick a boost in front of it.

I really doubt it can do br00tz without a proper distortion pedal........

BTW is it a hybrid? Its got only two 12AX7's. I doubt it can get more gain than a Fender HRD or something without SS parts
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