Greetings everyone. Recently I've been trying to get some original ideas going on and while composing I've noticed that in some parts its hard for me to find the right notes. Most of my ideas are inspired by the playing of other guitarists and being a rock kind of guy I feel like I really need to open my ears to more types of guitar playing if I want to become more creative. So if you could be so kind, name your favorite most influential guitar player along with their main genre. What makes them stand out from other guitarists? Technique-wise, Composing-wise, and Personality-wise?

Here is a list of my current influences.

Steve Vai*
Joe Satriani
John Petrucci
Jimi Hendrix
Kiko Loureiro
Paul Gilbert
Yngwie Malmsteen
Guthrie Govan
Wes Montgomery
Eddie Van Halen
Jason Becker
Michael Angelo Batio
Synyster Gates
Jake Pitts

Thats all I can think of for now. Im lacking alot in the jazz area and the classical area as well. It would be great to hear of some spanish/acoustic guitar players also. Anyhow I'll be checking this in awhile so if you would like to reccomend some of your favorite guitar players nows your chance! Any replys or comments are accepted with grace and gratitude!
django reinhardt- Jazz
Matt 'Guitar' Murphey, Robert Johnson - Two different kinds of Blues
Pierre Bensusan- King of DADGAD Acoustic
Andy McKee- Again for the DADGAD tapping acoustic

You also appear to be missing Dave Gilmour and Eric Clapton....
Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia and John McLaughlin are a killer jazz-trio.

Also you could try listening to some Tommy Emmanuel
Rory Gallagher - this man plays EVERYTHING. Ranging from country and traditional acoustic blues (also utilizing DADGAD tuning), to some fabulous hard rock & proto-heavy metal pieces (with Awesome solos) - from about a year he's my greatest inspiration.
But make sure to watch him live ^^

Also - Jeff Waters. He's most known for his thrash metal work with Annihilator, but he's great on acoustic guitar, has ferocious chops, and also great songwriting.

Plus - maybe a bit Deep Purple?

Enough from me, I believe ^^
gypsy jazz = Django Reinhardt
shred/metal = Muhammed Suiçmez / Paul Gilbert
doing weird shit = Jimi Hendrix / Omar Rodríguez-López
tasteful musicianship (heavy music) = Ben Weinman
tasteful musicianship (softer music) = All of the guys from radiohead
dynamics / style = Tom Morello / Thomas Erak
acoustic = just look on youtube. theres hundreds of amazing guys
other interesting shit = see "acoustic" above
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Keith Urban
Mark Knopfler
Gary Moore
Steve Vai
Joe Satriani
Jimi Hendrix
Dave Murray
Tommy Emmanuel

that's only a few of mine...
Steve Lukather
Steve Hackett
Daryl Stuermer
Gary Moore
Larry Carlton
Eric Clapton
Here's a few for you to check out:

Country - Chet Atkins, Redd Volkaert, Brad Paisley
Jazz - Charlie Christian, Larry Carlton, Joe Pass
Gypsy Jazz - John Jorgenson, Joscho Stephan, Django Reinhardt
Fusion - Scott Henderson, Al DiMeola, Allan Holdsworth
Classical - Andrés Segovia, Christopher Parkening, John Williams
Blues - Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert Collins
Acoustic - Michael Hedges, Tommy Emanuel, Andy McKee

There are a ton of other players in these styles that you should check out, but this will give you a good starting point.
I'd like to help, but not as much as I'd like not to.

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Chris Arp - mathcore and also jazz
SRV - blues
Tosin Abasi - classical, jazz, and progressive metal
Tim Collis- math rock
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tasteful musicianship overall: Mikael Åkerfeldt
blues: robben ford
post-hardcore: Tom Keeley
prog/metal: John Petrucci
metal: Chris Broderick
shred/metal: Michael Romeo
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J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. (Alternative Rock) - Melodic guitar work, expressive solos

Dean Wareham of Luna and Galaxie 500 (Indie Rock) - Endearingly simple guitar work with voicings

Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine (Shoegaze) - Sonic innovation, huge washes of sound, open tunings and voicings.
Marty Friedman - Metal/Instrumental rock/metal
Emil Werstler - i call his style jazz metal, just youtube him
John Mclaughlin - Jazz Fusion
Shawn Lane - Jazz Fusion
Greg Howe - Jazz Fusion
Marius Pop - Jazz Fusion
Grunge - Kim Thayil (Soundgarden)
Thrash - James Hetfield
Folk - Neil Young
Punk - James Williamson (Stooges)
Prog Rock - David Glimour/Alex Lifeson
Alt Rock - Black Francis/J Mascis