Hey guys i recorded a blues today. It´s on my profile.
It was the first time that i used my voice on a recording and..yeah i dont really like my vocals. What do you think ?
I can't put my finger on it, but there is something captivating about your voice. I think you should use it more often Your playing is fantastic, too. I love the song
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It could be more pleasing to the ear, and there are moments when you're out of tune, but it's nothing you can't practice yourself out of.

You just need to sing, record, and listen to yourself more often.

Don't give up please ^^
this is a perfect song right now... i live in Maryland and its already raining pretty hard and hurricane Irene is supposed to hit tonight.

Anyway i love the guitar, it definetely sounds like classic blues. The vocals are interesting, and its actually an awesome style for this genre. This is a great genre for interesting vocals as blues comes from everybody and we all have our personal experiences and our own voices and way of sharing it. All in all it was a good song keep it up

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Sounds great man. The lyrics remind me of Hendrix "Rainy day dream away".

Voice is great, I can tell you recorded this at pretty low volumes, but if you manage to belt that voice out it will be rocking my friend. You have a good style/attitude in it.

Guitar playing is sweet also, nice little licks going, not overplaying.

Nice work man!

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It's often funny to hear oneself recorded for the first time, it's like "Oh that's sounds weird - is that really me?"

But actually, your voice has a nice tone, goes well with the music. And your blues guitar is seriously impressive! Reminds me of some of the music I'd been listening to from another guy on here, salmon_phillipe. How long you been playing?
Thanks alot .
I´ve been playing the guitar for about 4 years now. Perhaps a little longer or less.
wow i really like it Delfius. You got an awesome voice. The guitar playing is also really good. Thumbs up Delfius!