Hey T&C,

This is the first thing I've posted in quite a long time. Just a post-harcore/metalcore type song that I wrote today, and was hoping to get some feedback. It's close to being finished, but I'm sure I'll make some changes at some point. Not 100% sure on the genre/style, but it doesn't really matter that much.

Thanks. And just leave a link for a C4C.
Untitled 27-8.zip
I was actually impressed. I think there were too many parts, and it seemed a little disorganized. Also, there is room for a little more dissonance and atonality if you ask me. Other than that, I enjoyed listening to it.

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protest the hero much? i like it a lot, definitely a lot of good stuff in here, although it doesnt really show its potential untill about bar 90, then you really kicked it up a notch. that clean part worked out perfectly, i think that was my favorite part, but it could really benefit from some ambience behind it, say like some strings or synthy effects to kinda just, give it power. as well as teh rest of it, might just be guitar pro or the fact that im used to stuff in rediculous drop tuning, but i feel like you could really give this song some heavyness, kickup the volume of the bass, make the drums more bass heavy, it would do wonders for the way the song progresses.

-just my 2 cents, all in all, i like it nice song.
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Thanks for both the crits. I'll definitely take what you said on board. In fact, I pit some synth behind the clean guitar and I like it better now.
I'm not a big metal guy but the bit between bars 158 - 173 was sick as hell

cool song on the whole
Hey, thanks for the comments on my piece.

As stated earlier, I do see a bit of Protest the Hero influence, but only in the early bits. There's a lot of good riffs in here but it feels like they aren't strung together as well as they could be. Some of the transitions (mainly the one early on with the tempo change) need to be reworked.

I really liked the interlude that started at 142 and the following part. I thought those parts were very well written.

In bar 172, get rid of the F power chords and replace them with G# power chords. That way it really tops off the section much better and gets you pumped up for the next part.

In fact, that one last breakdown isn't even necessary. You could just end it right at bar 174 with all the instruments ringing on D#. It makes for a much more solid ending.

Other than that, it was a pretty good song. Lots of fun to listen to.