I started learning finger-style a few weeks ago (actually almost a month now) and the first song i learned (Julia by the Beatles) was actually the only finger-style song i wanted to learn. Then i learned Dust in the Wind because apparently it's like the "Smells like Teen Spirit of the acoustic world. I also learned solo acoustic arrangements of Happy Birthday, Silent Night, and Paul McCartney's Yesterday.

So anyway i learned these pieces a few weeks ago and for the past week, i've not really learned any new songs. I'm not really looking for pattern based songs anymore (e.g Julia and Marry Me); i'd much rather learn a solo arrangement of a song. Classical gas is too hard xD I haven't really checked it out but it sounds hard, and Sungha Jung's tabbed out pieces here on UG aren't really music i like.

ANYWAYYY (lol) can someone suggest a KINDA hard song (not hard as in i'd want to claw my eyes out w/ a back scratcher) that i could invest the next few weeks learning? If enough people say classical gas, i'd give it a try but it sounds like a really advanced piece of work.

P.S I don't mind classical ^^, and Thx.
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Classical gas really isn't very hard, just sounds impressive. My favourite solo arrangement is probably A Whole New World from Aladdin. There's a realllllly good tab on here for it.
Ben Howard - Old pine
Its in CGCGGC and is a nice tune to play 'cos its pretty easy. If you don't mind singing it's a win.
I have found a tab for it in standard tuning but you can't play the intro unless its in CGCGGC or Open C.
Fuck the system - Use non-standard tunings!

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I've got a nice arrangement for Seal "Kiss From A Rose" in fingerstyle if you'd like that... Have a cover on my profile if u wanna check it out and if you do like it just PM me and i'll send it to you
I'm currently learning 'Boulavogue', which is a traditional Irish piece - very pretty, and it's my first foray into fingerstyle

You might want to look here at the list of alternative pieces for the RGT grades. It gives you an indication of their relative difficulty.