guys I have a Cort Z40 which has an agathis body . I hate the powersound pickups .
I wanna know if Emg Active pickups will sound good on it . I was thinkin of 81/60 .
ya you could do it. i have never even heard of the would type though so here is going to be my recommendation. if it is a heavy wood like mahogany then by all means go with the actives. however, if it is a lighter wood like basswood, then you should probably look into going with some passives. i have actives in my schecter which is a mahogany body and they roar, i had passives in my cort x-6 vpr with a dimarzio x2n in the bridge and it screamed
agathis is like a cheaper version of mahogany .. how much do you think the actives would cost ?
Probably around the 150 mark, give or take...

But more importantly, are you willing to drill into your guitar to make room for the preamp and battery?
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Oh and please someone explain to me what I gotta do for it ?
Is it just putting in the humbuckers or I gotta do more to my guitar to put the actives ..
You have to rout your guitar for actives.

You'd be better off just buying a new amp, it would make a much larger difference and you still havnt told us what genres you play.
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I use an Ibanez amp ...

I can probably guess it's an Ibanez 10 watt tone blaster starter kit amp, ammirite?

Replace your amp, it'll have a greater impact than changing your pups.

Changing your pups at this stage is like turbo charging a Honda Jazz and expecting it to outrun a Lamborghini.
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There are two things you need to do to improve your tone before you upgrade pickups:

1) Get a better amp
2) Get a better guitar

Putting better pups in that guitar and with that amp would be a complete waste of money.
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As the last few people have said, your gonna need a new amp. Give us a budget for a new amp and then we'll recommend you something to upgrade your tone.

As for actives, I realize a very few select guitars have a small cavity, but most will fit the 9v bolt just fine without any routing. I just put actives in one of my guitars without doing any routing. Of course you still have to change over the pots and the jack though.
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You can fit the battery into the control cavity usually. The preamp is inside the pup so no routing is needed for that.

Quote by VanTheKraut
You have to rout your guitar for actives.

You'd be better off just buying a new amp, it would make a much larger difference and you still havnt told us what genres you play.

You dont.

Thats only if your fitting them into an ERG guitar as they use EMGs bass housings for some stupid reason.

Dude, get a better amp and your tone will improve dramatically, far more so than if you chucked EMGs in your guitar.

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hmm I guess soo .. Actually I like the feel of the guitar compared to the ones I tried . I might a buy a new guitar only like after a while .. not plannin on buying one at the moment.

I wanna throw this amp and get a marshal or a line 6 one .
The only reason I didn't wanna change the amp because I have a line 6 floor pod plus with me and that does the job for the tone !

If you guys can , try the guitar and tell me how its like !
the pickups are not that great , thats the main reason I wanted to change them ..