Doing pretty well for money as of late so decided to upgrade my rig, instead of my currently 112 combo amp decided I should get a head and cab 4x12 or 2x12 since I'm gigging now.

For the cab I'm gonna get a Marshall, not sure which one but I love Marshall.

So, recommend me a head please guys.

Budget: No more than £1200, prefer to buy new though.

Location: Town in the north of England, can easily get to large cities like Leeds & Manchester.

Genres: Heavily influenced by hard rock/heavy metal so distortion is a must. Want some good tones to make my power chords chuggy and rather sharp solos. Clean's are not vital to be amazing but I like very crisp and clear cleans.
I'm the lead guitarist in a hard rock band, influenced by Guns n Roses, Shinedown, Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry and by myself I like to play along to Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack (the heavy metal one that is, there's two Attack Attack's)

Tube only amp please, don't want another solid state amp as they just can't hold up at volume.

Thanks guys
If you want a Marshall, I'd look into a TSL100. Should cover all the ground you need pretty easily.
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Quote by Offworld92
If you want a Marshall, I'd look into a TSL100. Should cover all the ground you need pretty easily.

To youtube!

Cheers, I'll check em out.
get to guitar guitar and/or sounds great (sounds great's near manchester, i think, and GG has a range of stores across the north of england). They have a wide range of tube amp heads, and guitar guitar has soundproof booths, too. Obviously ring or email before making a trip if there's anything specific you want to try.
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