Hey , you prob seem me around here! i just got a peavey studio pro 40 yesterday and just messed with it alot last night and now think the neighbors hate me or love me lol. but anyway has a problem with the amp... i can get this thing decently loud pushing out alot of volume but once i get past like 6 on volumn it starts to give this faint humming sound.... like one of those sounds you hear to scare away dogs and stuff? what is it???
The noise just clicks im after i go past a certain point... it isnt gradual. im just wondering if i need to replace anything on the amp??
If it starts to appear at a certain point on the volume then continues to get louder don't worry about it, it's normal and shouldn't (hopefully) be so loud as to disrupt your usage. If it appears at a certain point and maintains the exact volume, or if it comes in very noticeably (pronounced) and continues to get louder, you could try cleaning the volume pot. If that still doesn't work, post back and we can go from there.

If you could post a sound clip of this taken with a close mic (no playing necessary, just slowly rotate the volume pot up from 0 to full and back) it would really help us understand what's going on.
Yes, though that does make it sound more likely that it is the guitar, go ahead and just plug the guitar in and do it like that (turn the volume on the guitar off - if it only does it with the guitar's volume up then record it like that just so we can be sure).
ok man about to record, and it still does it when the guitar volumn is down on guitar... and i notice that lowering the high gain and the saturation effect helps stop it from happeneing so i can turn the amp louder.. brb guys with the recording
Huh? I don't want to listen to a high pitched sound.
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