Another demo for my band, I did everything in this song. I don't like the vocals for most of it but I'm not sure how to approach them. And I'm also especially interested in opinions on the midi drums (I don't play so I'm just winging it).

Alright, you drums are pretty good, the symbols seem just a little shallow, but thats pretty common for midi. I have to agree, it does sound a little generic, but still, its got a lot of potential, nice riffs though, I would work on the production of it all more. You are way to close to your mic, your going over the volume it can record, just an fyi, maybe try getting a better mic, good luck, nice lyrics though, best of luck

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I really dig some of the riffs man. Very much like Iced Earth. The midi drums and chaotic programming are a little off putting but I think you've captured the right feel for the tune. In terms of vocals I would say that there is not enough fire. I really do like your clean tone though. I would listen to pagosapig work on the production and mic placement. But seriously this is a decent track. Looking forward to hear more from you in the furure.

Nice riffing dude, although I have to admitt not the most imaginative riffing. Not bad though. The vocals are recorded with a terrible microphone. You need a good microphone and a technique, it sounds like you're just reading the lyrics out loud.

You know how to make solid stuff, not mind blowing, not bad. I didn't like the melodic parts at all though.

You need better production lol.

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I think comments on sound quality are always a bit pointless. We all know our stuff could be improved. I'll try to comment on the music.

As to your music. I really like the heavy fast riffing. That feedback note at the start of the solo made me ****ing jump! Vocals are clearly the weak point, though, obscuring the guitars, and sounding too raw. I can kind of hear what you have in mind for the vocals - a bit ambitious for your current set up.

Second guitar solo quite good, but sound level drops too sharply afterwards.

More fast riffing, again good, obscured by vocals. I think they're occupying the same part of the EQ spectrum.

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