I keep my bass tuned a whole step down. Alex Webster tuned down half a step on a few of Cannibal Corpses early albums. You shouldn't have any problems playing tuned down.
Yeah, that's not uncommon. It's actually normal when you're in a band where the guitars are tuned down that the bass does this too. With really low tunings you might have to use a 5-string or even 6-string but half a step down is perfectly possible on a 4-string. I play in that tuning too sometimes.
usually if the guitarist in the band tunes down 1/2 step down the bass does the same. So most bassists in bands that has the guitar tuned down 1/2 step down will most likely do the same
exactly what these guys said, unless u wanna be a hard a$$ and play a half a step up from all the guitars that are tuned a half a step down, thats only if u dont wanna tune it down to that tho thats what u would have to do hahahahaha
Guns n Roses. Loads of bands do it. I would say the majority of hard rock bands do (at least half a step).
99% of the time, all the instruments in a band are in tune with each other. If the guitars are a half step down, so is the bass.

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i knew duff mckagen did but thats the only bassist i knew for sure did it. But I am training my ear and like to tab out songs would it be better if I switched them to standard tuning before posting them on UG or would it be helpful for enough people if I kept them tuned down half a step? I like to use the open string notes so it doesn't just become a matter of playing one fret higher all the time. Thanks for the help!
If the song you're tabbing is in Eb and the band are in Eb then post it in Eb standard. Otherwise keep it standard or the most relevant tuning.

Edit: Oh I see what you mean now. I would tune up to standard if the song is in it just so that you can get the easiest fingering and open notes (if any).
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If your guitarists do it, you should probably do it too. Its just an unnecessary complication in most cases if you don't. Personally I hate the difference in sound if a song is written and recorded in standard and later tuned down, but it doesn't bother most people and if it doesn't bother you, go for it.
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