Hey all,

I am a self taught player, but I have a problem that is seriously getting on my nerves. Ok so October I will have played for exactly two years guitar. I`m 17 now, wanted to play guitar my whole life, but never got to it, until my dad decided his just gonna buy me a guitar and told me "f*** it" learn yourself to play, so I just started jamming some tabs and eventually got a lot better, but the thing is, I started with no knowledge of guitar or even music theory at all, so for the first six months I couldn`t even alt pick.

So I learned alt picking eventually and now it`s pretty easy, I can alt-pick quite fast and accurately, but the thing is, I don`t know if my technique is false, I use my pinky as an anchor, anyway I always have unwanted string noise, I noticed when I play on the low strings it`s usually the high strings that make that noise. I don`t know if my picking hand or fretting hand is causing this(maybe both?) Have any of you ever had such a problem? Could someone maybe please point out to me a few things I could try to fix this? I have tried moving the angle of my picking hand and my pinky, and I have tried using only the tips of my fingers on my fretting hand but still no difference.

I would really appreciate any help, and I`m almost legal so if I happen to run into you one day in a bar or something I`ll even buy you a beer or two. Oh and I`m sorry for the long message, I know it`s irritating, I`m not a big fan of reading myself so yeah, sorry about that.
Its probably your anchored little finger rubbing over the strings, mine used to do it sometimes as well. After some practice muting the strings more effectively (or just practicing regardless) it'll probably fix itself
When your playing any group of notes, you should always be muting out all other strings youre not utilizing. For example, lets say your playing a succession of notes on the 4th string (D) that uses the 5-7-8 frets (1,3,4 fingers used to play those notes) in a row. Your picking hand should be resting on strings 6,5 thus muting them out. Your fretting hand fingers should be muting out strings 3,2, and 1. You should NOT be playing these notes on the tips of your fingers with a big arch like you would an open position chord. You need to position your fretting hand to where you can play the notes AND mute out the higher strings at the same time. Now with strings 6,5,3,2, and 1 being muted out, your notes being played on the 4th string will sound pristine and clear with no unwanted noise coming from anywhere else. Adjust accordingly when playing on other strings. Rock on.
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Thank you so much everyone, I really appreciate the help. You guys are awesome!