Can everyone stretch 4 frets on a bass guitar? because my hands cant, i think they are too small and its very difficult for me please help somebody? is it normal?
I can easily stretch 4 frets.... But I couldnt when I started, it's just practice...
I can stretch 5. It could be that your hands are small or that you aren't used to stretching. I'd advise to do stretching exercises daily, it'll get you used to the pains of constant stretching.

I'm blessed with big hands though, so if you really can't stretch 5 frets, don't worry too much about it, you'll rarely ever have to stretch that much constantly if ever, and you can always just move your hand down a bit to reach it.
Just keep practicing, and make sure you have good technique

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I can also stretch five, sometimes more, but also have rather large hands. If your hands are a size so as to make it a physical impossibility, work on your timing so as to properly make a transition, but as previously noted, rare is the occasion this would be nesessary.
Keep your knuckles parallel to the fretboard.
Start up high, where the frefts are closer together, playing one finger per fret.
Gradually work your way down to the first fret.

Make sure your hand is as relaxed as possible. Experiment to find the best place for your thumb -- probably not over the top of the neck!
I've seen people on these forums say they have very small hands but with practice they were able to stretch from fret 1-4.

I am also blessed with large hands and can stretch 1-5 with difficulty, though that hardly sounds feasible when you can play the song in a different position and not have to stretch at all.

My suggestion is to do an exercise while warming up by playing frets 1-4 with each of your fingers, ascending and descending strings. If too difficult play 2-5 or 3-6, whatever. With practice you'll be able to do 4 in no time.
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I have teeny tiny hands and can barely stretch 1-4. If your technique is good, small hands or a small reach shouldn't get in your way too much.
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If you have good technique it shouldn't matter, you should never stretch 5, the ideal is 1 finger per fret, or the simandl method which combines your weaker fingers, the third and fourth into one so you're only doing three frets at a time in any of the first few positions.

Personally, i was taught simandl since i started when i was quite little and my hands weren't that big back then, but with time i can now stretch 4 pretty easily.

Also, don't confuse your techniques, if you are doing extended fingering (1 per fret) then stick to extended, if you are doing simandl, then stick to simandl, you don't want your hand to be expanding and contracting everytime you shift, it will give you cramps and put you out of position, especially on upright or fretless.
eg. most of the time playing i'll do simandl but then on harder runs / phrases / solos i'll switch to extended, but i try never to have a mix of the two.
I can stretch from 1 to 4 quite easily, and make 5 without putting myself out too much. It's just practice mate, one of those things you'll do subconsciously when you've been playing for a while. I never gave it any thought before I saw this thread.
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Being a girl has nothing to do with it. Practice practice practice!
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Well I just gave it a shot on both my Basses and here are the results.

Ibanez: AEB10-BK-14 Acoustic - Index finger on fret 1 (E string), pinky finger on fret 4 (all strings).

KAWAI: KRB105 - Index finger on fret 1( E string), pinky on fret 5 (all strings).

So my suggestion would be that any kind of stretch will depend on the type of Bass you have, or more importantly what kind of neck does the Bass have?

The Ibanez has a "D" profile short scale wooden neck, while the KAWAI has a "C" profile long scale graphite neck.

I accomplished the reach by placing the tip of my thumb behind the 3rd fret (on each Bass) and pressing the side of my index finger on to the 1st fret and the pad of my pinky on the 4th/5th fret. My index finger and pinky make a sort of letter "V", so that each finger is at an angle with respect to square shape of the fret spaces.

Ultimately, though, I have been playing Bass for many years and have yet to have the need to make a 1st to 4th or even 5th fret stretch. Usually if you have to make a reach of that distance it is easier to just come off of the lower fret, strike the higher fret with your pinky (or ring/pinky) and then drop back to the low fret (with index), in a kind of rocking back and forth motion. You will never need to stay anchored on both notes together, as a 1 - 4 or a 1 - 5 combo does not make a very pleasant chord.

Either way, just keep practicing. As you get stronger with your pinky finger the reach will come.
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Being a girl has nothing to do with it. Practice practice practice!

I can stretch 4 frets with no problem. And I'm a girl with very small hands.

1. Spider scales check them on youtube etc. Make them part of your practice.

2. Proper technique. Make sure that thumb is dead center on the back of the neck and use it as a pivot.

3. Bring up the neck. The closer it is to your hand, the easier it will be. You can't play with the bass low.

I play precisions and other basses with large necks. Heck I play an upright with decent intonation and no problem.

yes, the secret is practice and good technique.
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I can stretch 4 frets on all my low B strings.
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